Friedemann von Rechenberg  

  • Musikausbildung an der Jazz-School München.
  • Diplomierter Filmkomponist und Sounddesigner, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg.
  • Dozent an der Berufsfachschule für Musik in München.
  • Fortbildungen: Curcuit Bending, Nicolas Collins. Composing Music for Corporate and Comercial Films, Phil Sawyer. Geräuschemacher bei Dieter Hebben.
  • Auszeichnungen: Electric Renaissance, internationaler Musikpreis bei den Händelfestspielen 2004, Nominierung für beste Filmmusik beim Aubagne International Filmfestival 2009.

Friedemann von Rechenberg was born 1973 in Germany. He`s a composer, sound and recording artist. One of his first sound-initiations occurred during a Tibetan ritual by monks. Music education at the Jazzschool Munich. Certified film composer and sound designer, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg. In his audio / visual works, self-developed or modified sound generators and sound bodies are used. (electronic, electro-acoustic, mechanical). Among others there were premieres with these new instruments and materials at the Gesellschaft für Neue Musik in Augsburg (AGNM) and in Munich (MGNM) and at summer workshops of Experimentelle Musik e.V. 

He uses his devices also in real-time settings in art exhibitions or to react to passers-by on the street, as well as in live settings for sound to audiobooks and poetry, music for film and dance theater. When Friedemann discovered the remix as an art form, this resulted in an international music prize for the remix of music by Georg Friedrich Händel. There have been sound art collaborations with Zoro Babel and his machines and also with the “Industrial Noise Orchestra“. As a live mixing engeneer he lately works for the NKM – Neues Kollektiv München. As a lecturer at the vocational school of music in Munich he teaches music production, acoustics and media. International exchange projects led him to Egypt as recording engeneer (2014) and as guest lecturer to London (2017)